Josh Bolen has presented several sessions for CLEAR and I have been very impressed with his enthusiasm and commitment. He did an awesome job with my students covering topics on health, fitness, relaxation and yoga. He got our students up on their feet and really moving. I highly recommended him because of the positive way he interacts, supports and motivates young adults.

Kathy K.

CLEAR Program Manager

Josh worked for my son Drew for many years while in college. Drew is autistic. He taught Drew social skills and motivated him throughout his life. Also, Josh encouraged Drew to exercise to stay healthy. Drew Still uses the life lessons and exercise Josh taught him still to this day. Josh truly changed Drew’s life! Gina M


Hi, my name is Chris I help Josh at Fit To Fly Program, Inc. I learn a lot. The program helps me make friends and I get the chance to work. Its fun and I get the chance to help other kids and teens with disabilities. I have autism the program help me and other people like me. I’m so thankful for the opportunity Fit To Fly gave me. I learn how to set goals for my future, learn working skills and it gets me out the house to do something good in the community.


Active Student of Opportunities Program

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