Mentorship Service

Our mentoring service provides high quality mentoring for individuals with neurological disorders. One of our main goals is to share, teach and demonstrate the traits of being a positive role model. Giving the individual a first hand glimpse of how to think, create and attract positivity, leading to a more successful future for them in life. Mentors will be pre-screened before they start mentoring.


Group Fitness

Join our weekly fitness group where we learn the basic fundamentals of exercise. It is fun, educational and a great way for the kids to socialize with others. This program is meant for the individual to gain physical strength in a fun way. They will take away knowledge of different exercises they can do at home.


Transportation Service

Does your child have concerns about riding the school bus? Some kids with certain disabilities can struggle with this. It can be too loud, they can be teased and too much stimulation can trigger behaviors. This service allows your child to be transported to and from school by one of our caring drivers. Our transportation service will ensure peace of mind for you and your child.


Dance Program

Hip-Hop Holly, is our dance instructor and part of our Opportunities Program. Her mission is to encourage and motivate individuals with disabilities to stay positive through the art of dancing.

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